Q: Who 's behind Culture Craves?


A: I'm Clara Rodriguez Luboff, a food & travel photographer, chef, food stylist, and cookbook author

(The Vibrant Table - wholesome recipes from a food stylist’s kitchen).


Q: Where are you from?


A: I was born and bred in Brazil, but have been living overseas for almost two decades. After living in New York City for nearly three years, I moved to Australia for twelve, and then to Singapore, where I've been since 2013.


Q: You can take a girl out of Brazil, but can you really take her away from soccer and samba? 


A: Oddly, I’m not a big fan of soccer nor Carnaval...Nonetheless, I'm extremely proud of other aspects of my native culture, such as Brazilian music, food, as well as the warmth and energy of the locals.


Q: What was on your dinner table when you were growing up?


A: South American staples such as rice, bean stew, cassava or other vegetables, grilled fish, chicken or beef. And always a fresh salad.


Q: What are your passions besides travel, photography, and food?


A: Fast-paced yoga, classic 80s music, and spending time in my home ceramic studio.


Q: If you could describe yourself in a few words...


A: Open-minded, accessible, stubborn, kind and passionate.


Q: Who do you consider your source of inspiration?


A: Tough question. There're many talented people who inspire me daily, but I'm particularly fascinated by Sebastiao Salgado, a Brazilian social documentary photographer, and photojournalist, whose work I grew up seeing in my mother's bookshelves. 


Q: Why should I read Culture Craves?


A: Culture Craves is a collection of personal narratives for those interested in the intrinsic relationship between food, history, culture, and communities, as well as for those passionate about photography and travel. Occasionally, Culture Craves will share restaurant and hotel reviews, too. 



Q: Tell us something only your family and close friends know about you.


A: I'd rather not to go away on a trip if I need to part with my fairly large pillow... A great inconvenience when your husband believes traveling light is the way to go.


Q: Who is the author of the articles and photos published at Culture Craves?


A: Unless mentioned otherwise, all images and articles were written and photographed by me. I hope you enjoy it!



Copy-edited by Faz Gaffa-Marsh